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My recent experience at L’Elegante in Double Bay.

The name says it all beautiful gowns to suit any occasion, chic, stylish and unique exquisitely made and beautifully showcased. Marie’s passion for her art is contagious as she projects a feeling that makes you realise that anything is possible, and when you find that gown that seems to have been created just for you-you believe. That’s what happened to me.

Annette Collet

Dear Marie of L’Elegante,

Thank you for your beautiful hospitality, kindness and help over the years in finding the perfect outfit for my very special events.

Each visit starts with your warm welcome and genuine smile and ends with me walking out feeling like a true lady with quality couture that I can call mine.

Beauty is from within, but with every special moment we want to reflect this in our outfit and feel like a woman.

From the clothes, to the jewellery, the shoes and bags, this is something I always achieve with you.

Having shopped from you for over 20 years, being many different sizes myself over time, you have always made to measure and my size was never an issue. There are no limitations in achieving this for any size woman thanks to you. Your clothes have no prejudice to size as everyone is made to feel beautiful. This is something not always achieved in the fashion industry.

I just love referring my friends and family to you and I can’t wait for another great event to come in and dress up for!

We are blessed to have you in our grasps though that we selflessly need to share you with the whole world! xx

Diane Saba, Licensee/Centre Owner

Dear Marie,

I just wanted to thank you vey much for making the dress for me for our son’s wedding in Brisbane which was held on 25th August. I have attached a photo from the day. Sorry, I don’t have any other photos at present but just wanted to send it and write a testimonial for you before time gets along.

I would very much like to thank you for the elegant dress and jacket you designed and made for me for our son’s wedding.

From the moment we met you, you understood what I was searching for and had the design in your mind immediately. You were excellent at knowing the design, fabric and colours that suited me. I was thankful that you also had a range of accessories that complimented my outfit perfectly.

I was thoroughly thrilled with my outfit and received so many lovely compliments.

I would absolutely recommend you to anyone looking for that special extra in service, quality, friendliness and knowledge.

Thank you for making our son’s wedding such a memorable and beautiful day.

I wish you all the best for your upcoming runway show.

I hope the above is ok for you to use. I know your runway show will be a success.

Thanks once again.

With my very best wishes

Jan Killoran