It is rare to find a designer who can deliver at so many levels like styling, connection with the customer, customer service but most of all timeless designs that never go out of fashion and for every occasion. This is how I would describe Marie Linker and her L’Elegante fashion label. I have become a huge fan of Marie Linker and wear her casual range regularly for various functions.

I can’t wait for the lockdowns to finish and normal life to return. I miss events like Royal Ascot, Paris Fashion Week or the Cannes Film Festival. And I am even more excited when these premier fashion events will resumea as I have an amazing dress made by Marie Linker that I can’t wait to wear. It is truly outstanding so please follow my social and blog if you want to see how I look in it.

Marie Linker’s L’Elegante handmade dresses are inspired by iconic women such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelley. They are designed to make every woman timelessly beautiful and elegant. Timeless beauty, effortless and utterly romantic, L’Elegante designs enhance the natural shining radiance within every woman while reflecting her own personal style — making every woman feels like she’s fallen in love all over again.

I am so looking forward to have the chance to enjoy fashion again.


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